FFUF and EyeWitness – speeding up the search process

The situation is as follows — the FFUF has found several dozen/several hundred "hidden" resources. You can manually copy addresses to your browser to check each one for interesting results or automate the whole process a bit. I recommend this second approach and i will add a ready-made script, which… Continue reading

Report for 0 points EY GDS Poland Cybersecurity Challenge via Challenge Rocket

This entry is divided into two parts. In the first I publish a description of vulnerabilities that I was able to identify as part of the "EY GDS Poland Cybersecurity Challenge". In the second, I describe my reservations about the form in which that 'challenge' was carried out and why… Continue reading

Identification of technologies used on websites – Wappalyzer

During the penetration test, the reconnaissance phase is the most important element of all "fun". It is she who gives direction to the next steps. Therefore, it is important to approach it with due care and get as much information as possible about our goal. The technologies used to build… Continue reading

An easy way to print waterproof

I remember at the beginning of my printing adventure, I printed various vases. Unfortunately, due to the lack of water resistance, they presented only aesthetic value. Their practical use was not possible. Some time, 3d printing technology has gone ahead. I decided to bite again about waterproof prints. This time… Continue reading